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Welcome to YetiTrends – Teens review tech!

YetiTrends is a team of teenagers from all over Europe that shares a passion for new tech. Our team consistently scans the market and selects its favourite tech gadgets to review. The reviews that you find on YetiTrends are about tech gadgets that we love and that have earned the approval of our brutally honest teenager team. Note that we never post negative reviews on tech that we do not like – we are not here to name and shame. So if a tech gadget has made it onto our website, consider it good to buy!

Donate tech for YetiTrends to review 

If you would like to join the companies that donate tech gadgets for us to review, then please do! If we like your product, we will post a review for it on YetiTrends and then donate it to one of our subscribers. This isn’t just because we are nice people; it’s also because we do not want to be put in the position where we feel that we have to give favours to companies. Note that if a product you send us does not earn our approval, we won’t write a review for it. Please contact the editors on yetitrends@gmail.com to receive our postal address.

Who are we?

Co-founder – Fil
Co-founder – Fred
Contributor – James
Contributor – Archie
Contributor/Editor – Steve

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If your interested in having your product reviewed, please contact us at: yetitrends@gmail.com