Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia is a company that is quite under the radar when it comes to smartphones, compared to big companies like Apple and Samsung. But they have come up with a phone much loved by Matrix fans who used some of their old versions. The Nokia 8110 4G is a remake of the old version, but is it much better than the original model? Or is it just one of those phones that will end up in the back of your drawer at the end of the month?

Older Version
Newer Version


If we look into the exterior, you can see from the photos above that the new one looks very different having a much nicer look than the old phone, but that’s quite obvious when you take to account the age difference. The new model also comes in two colours: black and yellow which is giving it the name ‘Banana phone’. Also, the new phone has a 2MP camera which is terrible when comparing it to let’s say the iPhone X, with a12MP camera.


But aside from the exterior, let’s get into the tech side of things and what this new phone has in store for us. The so called ‘Banana Phone’ is powered by Kaios, which is a great operating system which gives this phone an app store, games and ways of communicating The new phone also has 4G LTE, which means you can now stream, surf and chat much faster!

It also has a Hotspot feature, just like our Apple and Samsung phones, so that you can now share you Wi-Fi with friends. Another incredible feature, and probably a main selling point, is the battery life giving you 25 days on standby. But obviously it doesn’t need too much power to run compared to Apple or Samsung Smartphones. The phone also has 512mb of ram and 4gb of storage. But another great feature that Nokia wants to keep alive on this phone is the 3.5mm head jack, another major selling point.

What’s in the box

  • The phone (obviously)
  • Headset
  • Charger
  • Quick Guide

The price of the Nokia 8110 4G is £70, which in my opinion is a little too pricy, as I would  probably want to spend around £40 on this phone for what you get. However, that might not stop some crazy Matrix fan or just an elderly who has some simple needs.

Overall, I think this phone is not particularly for people of the younger generation, as it has limited functionality. But one reason that might tempt someone to purchase it, could just be for a survival phone as the twenty-five day battery life is a lot to exceed your needs.

My final rating is 5.5/10



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