Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 (and S9+) is the newest Samsung Galaxy S smartphone to date (at the time this article was written). It has some truly great features that sets it apart from it’s competitors, such as it’s curved Infinity screen and an altering camera aperture (the first of its kind). However, will the fabled camera really be as good as expected? Is the phone’s curved Infinity screen really what it’s said to be? All of this and more shall be explained here at YetiTrends!


The S9 and the S9+ both have an amazing set of specs which almost shadow over the iPhone X’s and the Google Pixel 2’s. Its main selling point is the camera. These are the specs mentioned on the box, and although we haven’t even gone into the most impressive features yet, the specs this phone claims on the back are already very impressive. Words written in blue text are specs for the S9+.

  • 5.8in / 6.2in QHD+ Super AMOLED curved display 
  • Samsung 10nm Exynos 9810 CPU (4x 2.9GHz, 4x 1.9GHz)
  • 4GB RAM / 6GB RAM
  • 3,000mAh / 3,500mAh batteries
  • 64GB storage with microSD expansion up to 400GB
  • Cat 18 LTE support (1.2Gbps download speeds)
  •  Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, front-facing iris scanner
  • 12MP Dual Pixel camera with OIS (f/1.5, f/2.4) / Vertical dual rear-facingcamera, 8MP front-facing camera
  • Bixby AI assistant with dedicated button
  • USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Stereo speakers
  • Wireless charging support, of course Wireless Pad needed
  • IP68 water and dust resistance
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Updated DeX docking station

As shown, the S9 and S9+ both support wireless charging, a very nice feature to have as it prevents you from having to fumble around with cables. An added bonus, lilac purple is a colour now available (exclusively) for the S9. This bonus has previously been hinted at with all of the S9’s promotional material and has been seen in the official photos. Excluding the lilac purple colour, the Samsung S9/S9+ can be coral blue, midnight black or titanium grey.


There is not much difference in design between the S8 and S9/S9+, although some dissimilarities are still present. For instance, the bottom bezel of the Galaxy S9 will be fractionally thinner than its predecessor and, as a result, it will have a higher screen-to-body ratio than even Apple’s iPhone X. The camera has been moved to be in a vertical position on the phone (the S9+ having its cameras stacked on each other) with the flash adjacent to it and the fingerprint reader below it. However, the reader is a bit too close to it, causing the possibility of one smudging the camera with their finger.

On the plus side, the camera is blended into the body of the phone, as opposed to the S9’s competitors, (such as Apple devices) which have more protruding camera lenses. However, the little protrusion, annoying as it may seem, is actually a protective ring for the camera, meaning that the S9/S9+ camera(s) are not very well protected.

Moving on, the controversial Bixby (Samsung A.I assistant) button remains as it was in previous Galaxy S models  and at this point in time, Samsung have unfortunately not provided us with the ability to map it. Given how little Bixby has developed over the course of its first year, this is disappointing, as not many people like Bixby and would instead enjoy using the button to access their ‘favourite apps’ tray.

All wired headphone fans should shout in praise as once again Samsung has gifted us with a 3.5mm Headphone jack. Which nowadays is a feature well missed. The MicroSD slot also remains, the slot again sitting inside the sim tray with up too 400GB of expansion able storage. Also, like the usual the volume rocker and the Bixby Button are on the left side of the phone whilst the power button is present at the right side.



With the Samsung S9 and S9+ having loads of features, I decided for your own sake to just round it down to 3 features that are the most developed and interesting since last years S8.

The camera has been completely reimagined using the Variable Aperture f1.5 and f2.4. These allow you to take breath-taking photos with the amount of light being drawn in larger so you can get low-light shots and crisp vibrant colour. Also the camera has 10bit colour reproduction, in comparison to the last year S8 model with a 8bit. This means it will be more colour accurate and you will clearly see the difference.

Image result for Variable Aperture S9

A feature that has been seen in the trailers in it’s full glory shows the Super Slo-mo feature. This allows the user to record in 960fps as well as other options such as 720p at 480fps and 1080p at 240fps. This will allow for amazing videos!

The intelligent scan is a new feature to the S9 which combines the old S8 iris scanning and the new face scanning into one ultimate phone protecting masterpiece. Although not as fast as the iPhone X, it is more secure and if Intelligent Scan isn’t your thing you could always use the finger print scanner which is now in the all improved position below the camera. This feature is even usable at low light conditions, so if you wake up at night and want to check your phone a quick glance is all you need.


AR Emojis is Samsung’s solution to Apple’s Animoji’s however in contrast to Apple’s version where you can ‘become’ an animal in the available section, Samsung have allowed you to put on Stickers and create your own Avatar. This avatar is also compatible with apps such as Facebook Messenger, where you can send multiple photos of auto created emotions. This is a cool little feature but, as seen in demos and pictures so far, the animation and realism of the Emojis aren’t the best which is a bit disappointing. However, this isn’t a key aspect of the phone so its not too big of a deal.

Image result for AR emojis

In conclusion, the S9 and S9+ are two amazing smartphones which are nearly perfect, especially with that new and improved camera. The design of the phone is unbelievable with the fabled curved screen. If you do business abroad and need a powerful phone for traveling then this is probably the best choice because of features like multiscreen. And when you combine that with the Bixby Translation feature, it cannot really get better then that! However, if you wait until next year, there could be something big as Samsung celebrate their ten year anniversary for the Samsung Galaxy!

I truly adore this phone and give it a solid 9.2/10

£739 (S9)/ £869 (S9+)



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