Dji Mavic Air

Ok, I know. “When are you going to stop posting just about drones Jamez?!” Well, when I was planning what product to review on, Dji just released a new drone; The Dji Mavic Air, and I believe that DJI has really put some effort into this product. So, how much does it cost? How does it compare to the Mavic Pro? And Is it worth it? Well let’s take a look …

Me, being a drone enthusiast, was wondering which drone I should get for a younger brother; The Mavic Pro or the Spark, and I ended up going with the Spark mostly because of the price difference. But it kept me wondering, is Dji going to make a mid range drone? Well, that is what I think of when I see the Mavic Air. The Air has some great features including up to 20 mins of flight time compared to the spark only having up to 15 mins of flight time, which in flying is a big difference in drones. The drone also has rear and front obstacle avoidance which I feel was needed a long time back so its good that is has finally been added. The one great advantage with the Air compared to the Spark is that it records 4k 30fps videos at 100mbps. Now this is probably the most significant difference because now you have a big choice to make. Do I need a small selfie camera or something I can film a wedding with for the extra price?

mavic air camera

But let’s move on to some other features. We have the “Smart Capture” feature. Taken from the Spark, this feature is great because now you can control the drone with your hand. It does everything the spark does with smart capture except for the fact that the Spark can Palm Launch, for more detail on the Spark, check it out in our review here. “Active Track” has also been integrated and this feature has been around since the Phantom 4 release, but it is now even more improved. The mavic air can go up to 68.4km an hour in sport mode, which is very fast compared to the Spark at 50km an hour. Pretty impressive!


The drone itself is packed very nicely, like all Dji Drones, and it has two options. When you buy the drone, you can either choose the fly more combo or the standard option. If you have read past reviews then you know that I always recommend that you get the fly more combo, as it has more batteries for the drone and much more, the 3 batteries you get would get give you up to 1 hour of flight time.

Included in the Original package
Included in the Fly more combo

Overall, The Dji Mavic Air is a great drone for professionals with one whole hour of flight time, with the fly more package which is a lot of time for flying, compared to other drones. It also uses some incredible features like “active track” and having a 4k camera is going to really give you those great cinematic movie shots. I really think this drone was needed for that middle option from the Spark to the Mavic Pro and this is why this is a great drone for you!

My final rating is 9.0/10




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