X-Wing T-65 Winner Announced! | Giveaway

Dear YetiTrends Follower,

Happy New Year! At YetiTrends, we have had an amazing couple of months and the number of followers to our reviews have increased substantially and we would like to thank you for your support.

Today, our team has picked the winner to our Christmas Giveaway and we have announced one of our followers that a brand new X-Wing T-65 Drone by Propel is soon in the mail! However, if this lucky follower does not respond in the following 5 days, we will pick a new follower so keep your emails updated!

How did we find the lucky winner? Well, first we developed a bit of Python code that generated a random winner out of our followers. In order to make sure that our lucky winner code was working properly, we copied some test data into Excel and reviewed it there to make sure it was fully random using statistics. Once we were confident about the code, we ran it across all of our followers to find our lucky winner!

We would also like to thank Euronics.se for making this giveaway possible and remember – if you still would like an X-Wing T-65 Drone then you can always buy it directly at Euronics website (or any other website).

Our team is super excited about the coming year and we are already working on a number of new reviews to send to you. Stay in touch with our website yetitrends.com and look out for more reviews – and possibly more giveaways – in the near future. Don’t forget to share our website with your friends!

All the best,

The YetiTrends Team


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