Top 5 Dji Spark Accesories

In our recent review on the Dji Spark we talked about how good the drone was but we never talked about the great accessories you can get, well today on YetiTrends we will show you the top 5 accessories on the Dji Spark!

1. FS Labs Landing Gear



This incredible landing gear is perfect for beginners and even for professionals. Its design helps you land on rocky surfaces without tipping over. It also looks very discreet as if it is part of the drone. It’s also very cheap at a low price of  $9.00.


2. Deyard Water Proof Case


This water proof case is so amazing and useful . We at YetiTrends have the spark and we believe that this is great for travel having a great carbon fibre look on the outside and also holding the whole fly more combo plus your phone in such a neat way. We will definitely be investing in this product. It also only costs £20 which I think is a great price for this great case.


3. Skyreat Ipad Holder


Have you ever wanted to have a bigger screen so you can really get those perfect cinematic shots. Well now you can with this Ipad mount by Skyreat. This gives you the capability to grab those breath-taking shots on a wider screen. If you use your phone to fly the spark and really want a bigger screen then now is the time to get one. Skyreat have made a really stylish mount so you can fly while seeing a much bigger image of what your drone sees. This helps a lot if you like a bigger screen to look at. The one problem is that it is on the pricey side at $24.00


4. Kingwon Joystick Protector

51ZDDUyLCXL._SY524_.jpgIf you didn’t buy the Deyard Water proof case then this discreet joystick protector will keep them safe when your traveling hard. Just throwing the remote in a backpack could damage them so for only £4 this is a great safety product for your Dji Spark Remote.


5. Scratch Proof Silicone Case


The Final thing on our list today is the scratch proof silicone case now this product is useful and also stylish, it keeps the drone clean and it also keeps it from being scratched. Another feature that I found really cool is that it holds the battery in place so in the rare occasion of it detaching it wouldn’t slip out of the silicone case. It also feels very good in hand and cools down the drone. The great thing about this product is it only costs £5

Overall, These products are great for organisation, Style and Protection so if you want to make your DJI Spark even better then we here at YetiTrends suggest every one of these amazing products






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