Sony Playstation 4 Pro

With Nintendo seemingly dominating the gaming market with their Switch, how does Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro compare against it? Is the Pro more powerful? What is the difference between the Playstation 4 Slim and the pro? Well that is what we will be discussing about today here at YetiTrends with our review of the Playstation 4 Pro.

With the release of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, Sony ditched their older predecessor, the Playstation 4. The Slim stands for just a simple, thinner and more elegant version of the Playstation whilst the PS4 Pro is more for the power, the good-looks on the screen and just the overall chunkiness. The PS4 Pro is also Sony’s first console to be 4K and HDR compatible, allowing for higher resolution with faster frame rates and incredible detail – if you have the right TV. If you want a gaming console that you don’t care too much about the graphics and just want a compact and more portable option, then maybe the Nintendo Switch is more for you which you can check out with our review here.


So first off, the design of the PS4 pro is quite similar to the original PS4 but at the same time it’s not. It’s like Sony got the Playstation 4 and stuffed it between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich (that would be one crunchy sandwich!). The Pro is a centimetre bigger in both directions compared to the PS4, and will sit in the same space. The buttons have been replaced to some more physical ones but they do feel more plasticky in my opinion. The back is also the same, with your ethernet, HDMI, Digital optical audio and Playstation camera ports. However, where it has changed is that Sony has generously decided to give us an extra USB port at the back, at last! The Wifi chipset has also been upgraded so you’ll get better wireless speed and range if your router can handle it.

The controller has been slightly tweaked, with a light bar added to the Touch Bar, but it stays the same shape, size and colour as the older PS4. I personally much prefer the PlayStation controllers over the Xbox ones because for me, the logic of having the joysticks at the bottom and the buttons at the top just makes for an overall better experience. But I know a lot of other people who prefer the Xbox ones so write a comment down below on what you think! A micro USB cable comes in the box to charge the controller from the USB port on the console.


Another small change is that the PS4 pro is significantly quieter than the older PS4. When testing the console on a Samsung TV, I never had any trouble with enabling the 4K but it was the HDR that was hard to find, I eventually found it hidden in the menu. However as the problem resolved, the rest was really as easy as turning on a switch. You can even transfer data from an older Playstation locally over a network cable (and your games, if you have Playstation Plus. More talk on that later … ). The console comes with 1TB of free storage, which should be more then enough. But with 4K games coming with over 50GB, an external hard drive wouldn’t be so bad after all! It’s also a lot easier to upgrade to the external hard drive on a Playstation then an Xbox, and especially now with the PS4 pro.

I think that a major big selling point to the PlayStation is, and has always been, the games. There are 700+ video-games for the PS4 and it’s only increasing! And although there are currently only 30 optimised games for the PS4 Pro, I’m sure that in no time every new game will be released in 4K. For me, the amount of games in the Playstation library is the reason that I am rocking the PS4 Pro rather than the Xbox. And if you want to get the best experience out of the console, then your going to need to consider paying the monthly subscription to Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus allows you to play with friends on multiplayer games, gives you free games every month and a lot of other features. It costs 59$ for twelve months or one month for 9$. To be honest, I find this pretty expensive, and especially since they increased the price in 2016. However, if you gain fun memories with friends on Call of Duty WWII, than maybe it’s worth it?


For those who don’t know, the PS4 pro (and it’s predecessor) has a Blue-ray drive that supports 1080p, nothing higher. But all around the media, everyone is raging at Sony for not upgrading the Blue-ray drive to support 4K. Personally, I have never used the Blue-ray drive but for people who still watch movies on CD’s, it might be a reason to buy the Microsoft Xbox One S instead which does support 4K on the Blue-ray drive.

When the PlayStation Vr was released, it gave audiences an affordable new option for VR Gaming, but the PlayStation Vr wasn’t as crisp and smooth as the others on the market. The PS4 Pro will give the PlayStation Vr a boost, meaning that developers can now use the extra power to either increase the resolution, add more effects, or improve the anti-aliasing. But a big problem that I found when using the headset was that you had to manually swap the cables depending if you wanted to play on the PlayStation Pro or the PlayStation Vr. And the PlayStation Vr does add a lot to your gaming budget considering you also need to buy the games to go with it. Yikes!


And finally, we couldn’t end this review without talking about the performance of the PlayStation Pro. For this review, I played Fifa 18, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and Gran Turismo Sport, which are all optimised for the PS4 Pro and they all impressed me. However, the results varied a lot! Horizon Zero Dawn really stunned me with the almost magical sunsets, and I wanted to spend the whole game just lying in the grass gazing. And then I was blown away by Gran Turismo and it’s detailed scratches on the cars, which runs in 4K and HDR at 60fps. I’m really excited with what developers will do next with this power and I can’t wait to get hold of even more 4K games!


Overall, the PlayStation 4 is really the best console you can buy so with the release of the PS4 Pro, it’s the best of the best! Right now, the library for PS4 Pro optimised games is pretty small, but I’m sure that that will change in the upcoming years, and fairly quickly! The missing 4K Blue-ray is a real bummer, bit if you’ve already moved on from CD’s then you simply won’t care. I think that if you don’t have a 4K TV, then there’s no point in buying the PS4 Pro and so you can wait until you decide to make the 4K investment and then upgrade your PS4 Pro. Either way, you still have access to Sony’s huge library of games! But if you have a 4K TV and you want to have the best gaming experience, then this is a must buy!

My Final Rating is 9.8/10





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