DJI Spark

DJI have just manufactured their latest and smallest drone yet – and we really like it. But how long does the battery life last for? How good is the video quality? And what are the new features? Here is what we have found out in our review!

DJI, the world’s largest drone maker according to Business Insider, keeps pushing the boundaries to create the smallest drone in its range; The Spark. The DJI Spark was built to get us normal people into professional drone flying but in an easy and accessible way, and is mostly aimed at families and having fun. One of the reasons that it is so unique is because the drone is small and can easily fit in your hand and in your backpack. The camera is not as impressive as, let’s say The Phantom 4 from DJI, which shoots 4K video, but it is still a good camera for shooting great quality HD videos or a quick selfie with your friends. But then again, at $499 the Spark is $700 cheaper than the big brother Phantom 4. (Click here to see our previous review on the Phantom 4).


A pretty unique and amazing feature is that you can control the Spark with just your hand! The built in hand gestures give the Spark the ability for palm control, taking photos and even videos. Another nifty feature is the “active track” function which allows you to track what ever moving object you wish to follow by drawing a rectangle around it (which is a function that already exists on the more expensive Phantom 4).

The drone comes in a very neat box and like every other DJI drone, it’s made of a strong material which could come in useful when travelling. When buying the drone, their are two different options to buy. One option is called the “fly more package” and the other option is called the “regular package”. I recommend getting the “fly more package” as it comes with propeller guards, the remote, etc, and is overall better for the beginner.

Included in the Original Package
Included in the Fly More Package

Another reason I recommend getting the fly more package is because the drone only lasts for 16 mins, at it’s best, so the extra battery will boost that to 32 mins, which is a much more sufficient time to fly. It’s no fun to stop playing only to charge the batteries for a couple of hours. The “fly more package” costs roughly $599, just another $100.

Overall, the Dji Spark is a great drone for the use of a quick selfie with a group of friends or a gift to someone who has never flown a drone before. It is also significantly cheaper than the DJI Phantom 4. The added features like gestures, such as palm launch for a quick flight, are unique but the main selling point of this drone would still have to be the convenient size. So if you want a great drone for a reasonable price then this is a great product for you!

My final rating is 8.5/10



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