X-Wing T-65 Propel | Review

With Star Wars The Last Jedi out on cinemas this month, there is no better time to give away a special collectors edition X-Wing T-65! This giveaway has been made possible through our friends at Euronics.se, who has very generously donated it to YetiTrends for us to review. If you are interested, please check out our post on the rules and how to enter here. But with nothing further to do, let’s review this new starship destroyer!

Toy drones are great fun, but their usually something that you fly a couple of times and then chuck on top of a tall shelf located in the back of your Grandpa’s guest room. But with Propels recent drone, I really think that that tall shelf will stay empty! You see, Propel is best known for its stunt drones and a handful of small camera drones, but with their latest edition X-Wing, it’s looking to join the big leagues.

When opening the lid to get a glance of this beauty, you will be treated with lights and sounds from John Williams classic Star Wars themes. And as you get closer, you’ll start to make out the details. The drone is hand-painted so each one will be slightly different and it is also well built because of a material called polypropylene, which is known to be slightly flexible and designed to take a lot of impact during an intense battle.

In the packaging you get 12 propellors, which is enough to change all the propellers twice after your first major crash. I would recommend to get the right blade on the right corner, though. In the box you will receive two 800mAh batteries which lasts about 6-8 minutes and a full charge takes about 40mins. When the battery is inserted, lights will start to flash as your drone waits for you to pair with your controller.

If you wish to learn more about all the controls and some nifty tricks, then I would recommend reading the manual. Something that I ought to mention too is that there are actually three different quadcopters that you can choose from: A TIE Advanced x1, a Speeder Bike and a T-65 X-Wing. For this review, we have been flying with the X-Wing and I have to say, it certainly looks the coolest! What do you think? Write us a comment down below …


When flying the drone, I understood the controls very quickly because of experience in the past but if you are a beginner, then don’t worry. The drone can be switched to a training mode where you will need to progress to different levels with some safe restrictions and I’m sure you will reach the top in no time! But the main reason of getting  this drone, if we forget the barrel rolls that can be activated at a push of a button, is definitely the dogfighting.

You and your nerdy friends have IR cannons on the front of your craft, and 4 small target zones where your enemy can fire at you. Everyone has three lives and when you lose your final life, the drone disconnects from the controller and slowly circles downwards towards the ground for a dramatic defeat, not great if your playing above a pond. You and up to 11 Star Wars friends can participate in a battle and when the Millennium Falcon is released in 2018, the fun will only get better!

zP3QEoPSUkXEeKM5zpNLq6-1200-80.jpgOverall, The Star Wars Battling Drones work indoors and outdoors, and don’t require a license or CAA permit to fly, which is a very good thing. Plenty of propellers come with the drone along with two batteries, which would come in useful for crashes, but the drone is also very durable. The app, available for iPhone and iPad, works great together with the controller and it is real simple to set up. The collectors edition box will make will make Star Wars fans beam too! However, the battery only lasts from 6 to 8 minutes and there is no camera to film your battles but it’s a great deal of fun thanks to the excellent battle games you can play! Thanks again Euronics.se and if you would like to win this drone for yourself, click here!


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    1. The giveaway has already started! For more information, check our post about the giveaway and please feel free to share the post with anyone else!


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