Top 20 Christmas tech gifts your child really wants!

Every Christmas parents try to figure out the hardest question that, let’s be honest, they usually get wrong: What does their son/daughter want for Christmas? Well, instead of buying your teenager a pair of socks, why not get them what they really want this year by listening to the greatest tech nerds on the planet: YetiTrends! For the first time ever we present our Top 20 Christmas tech gifts your child really wants for Christmas! And if you are a teenager, here is some inspiration for your Christmas wish list 2017!

1.  Marshall MID Bluetooth Headphones


The Marshall MID’s are awesome! There is a cheaper pair of bluetooth headphones from Marshall, the Major II bluetooth, but the MID’s have better sound quality and better looks too. We love them particularly because of their 30 hour battery life, the best in the market. So, if you are the type of person who smiles whenever listening to music, this is spectacular. Price: EUR 199.

2. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

LEGO Boost

Usually, presenting your child with an educational toy for Christmas is a surefire way to let them know Santa isn’t real. But the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox stands as an example that miracles do happen. This “toy” can transform into a robot, a car, a guitar, a cat and a robot and is controlled by a tablet app. Simple coding is used to make the robot move, fire missiles and play various games. And rather than placing it back on a dusty old shelf once your bored, you can rebuild him into four other programmable models. Price: EUR 149.

3. DJI Spark


The Spark is DJI’s latest drone and although DJI’s previous drones are specialised for filming, the Spark combines good video and photo quality in a compact drone that can be used for selfies, racing or just a good first drone. The remote control is your smartphone, which is quite nifty too! This small drone is also equipped with a sensor with the capabilities of using hand gestures to make the drone fly to the left, right, up or down and it is a lot cheaper than our reviewed DJI Phantom 4. Price: EUR 499.

4. Nintendo Switch



The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest toy and so far, it has really impressed us! Now, there are other consoles out there but none which focus mainly on portability. The Switch will allow you to change from the tv to the screen meaning you can bring it along on flights or to your friends house. Price: EUR 280.

5. Pitaka Magcase


If you know someone who is trying to find a good-looking case for their new iPhone or Galaxy, then look no further; Pitaka’s Magcase is a sleek looking case which is truly super thin and light. The case is made out of a material called Aramid – used in body armour, race cars and space shuttles – which is extremely durable and it will keep your smartphone safe from any reckless teenager. I have this case on my iPhone 7 and it is just perfect! Price: EUR 39.

6. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS)


The Apple Watch is one of Apple’s best selling products, with 5 million new customers each quarter. With this years improvement there really is nothing that you can dislike about it, it just gets better. Apple’s latest feature, the cellular data, is expensive and is only available in some countries so we would highly recommend the cheaper model (with just the GPS) which still has the improved specs. By a fabric strap to go with it as it fits teenager’s wrists better. Price: EUR 379.


7. IKEA Trådfri


Smart furniture is starting to become a essential part of homes but the major problem stopping this smart home future is the price. However, Swedish IKEA – known for making cheap but good quality furniture – has saved the day with one of their newest products; the Trådfri lightbulb! Cleverly, it is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit meaning you can tell Siri to turn the light on/off and it literally costs nothing, sounds like a good deal to us! Price: EUR 29.

8. UE Wonderboom


If you want a cheap portable Bluetooth speaker, you can’t go wrong with either the Jam Heavy Metal or the UE Wonderboom (as shown here). The Wonderboom gives you plenty of power to pound while retaining clarity and detail. The gadget will pass out after 10 hours of partying and can be revived instantaneously via a micro USB charge. And better yet, it’s waterproof so you can have a blast with the thing wherever you please – on the beach or in the shower! Price: EUR 99.


9. SNES Classic Mini


Why bother paying over EUR 300 on a game console when you can get this cool and retro SNES Classic Mini for a fraction? Especially when you get 21 classic video games pre-installed on the machine! These games include Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and even Star Fox 2! And with two controllers bundled in the box, you’ll be able to thank your Dad with a game of Super Mario Kart straight away! Sounds like a awesome gift to us. Price: EUR 79.

10. GoPro Hero 6


The GoPro Hero is one of those products that everyone knows about but that it’s so popular that it has to arrive on this list anyhow – it is a favourite of ours. So if you know someone who doesn’t have a GoPro yet then this is a good year to give him/her one! The biggest change since the last GoPro is the custom chipset which allows the GoPro Hero 6 to capture 4k video at a smooth 60fps and for some image stabilisation, which is not enough to upgrade from a previous model. A teenagers dream! Price: EUR 569.


11. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

MX 2S.png

Some other pretty popular gadgets are the Logitech mouses, perfect for your Mac or PC. I chose the MX anywhere 2S to come to this list because of it’s portability. Personally, I have small hands and some mice are too big for me. But this mouse fits my hand perfectly and with its programmable buttons, it is just wonderful! However, if your teenager has bigger hands and would like a lot more programmable buttons, then maybe consider the MX Master 2S. Price: EUR 60.

12. Fujifilm X-T20


Now I know that this camera is quite expensive but if your child is really into photography, then getting him/her the coolest digital system camera on the market is really going to benefit their interest in photography. This camera has a touch screen, excellent autofocus, access to superb lenses and if you compare it to other cameras, it is actually quite cheap which makes it our choice for a camera this Christmas. Price: EUR 790.

13. Amazon Echo Dot


This 2nd generation smart home assistant is a lot smaller than the full-size Echo, but it’s a much bigger bargain. While it might not have the same level of speakers as its larger cousin, it still has the same far-field mic array and all the Alexa integrations as the full-sized model at a fraction of the price. And heck, who wouldn’t want a self-talking assistant that gives you reminders and unlocks the door? Price: EUR 110.

14. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6 Wifi

Amazon Kindle.jpg

Amazon’s fancy new waterproof Oasis may be getting all the attention, but the Paperwhite has basically the exact same screen at less than half the price, while still packing an integrated backlight and enough space to carry an entire library around in your bag. I have always been a bit hesitant about getting a Kindle but with the popularity rising again, I think that a great screen, impressive battery (bye, bye iPad) and a responsive display with a h-u-g-e library to choose from will win me over in the end. Perfect for the reading teenager! Price: EUR 120.

15. LEGO Saturn V or LEGO BB8

LEGO_BB8 and LEGO Saturn V

Who doesn’t like LEGO? Well, we at YetiTrends do and thought that we might as well put the classic toy onto our list. We have picked the two coolest ones that we saw on the market; The Saturn V model, that you can actually take apart and see all the layers, and the one and only BB8, with the iconic lighter that comes out of a hatch on the robot. LEGO doesn’t get any cooler than that and surprising your child with the toy will surely force a smile on their face! Price: EUR 185 and 110.

16. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3


I am personally so bad at keeping my plants alive. Even my poor little cactus died because I didn’t give it enough water, a cactus!! The day when I discovered this thing, I knew that Johnny (that’s the name of my cactus) was going to live the rest of his life in luxury! This is the set-it-and-forget-it method of growing plants – suitable to any teenager’s lifestyle. If you don’t have much in the way of outdoor space (or if it’s winter), this is a great way to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers indoors. So if you know someone who loves herbs (or cactuses!), this is it this Christmas. Price: EUR 110.

17. Playstation 4 Slim


Now, I know that we already have two other consoles on this list (the Switch and the SNES Classic Mini) but the PS4 Slim has to be recommended too. You see, if you want the availability to millions of games, then look no further. The PS4 Slim is – believe it or not – slim and is probably the most popular console for developers at the moment, to publish new games. The machine is also silent when running and comes with 1 terabyte to store all your screenshots and video-games. Price: EUR 350.

18. Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000

With Apple removing the headphone jack and USBs on their laptop range (really, Apple!?), the ability of charging your phone while listening to music was lost making power banks more popular. Anker is one of the best known brands for batteries, and for a good reason! If you are a iPhone user, this 10,000mAH bank will be able to charge your iPhone 4 times on a single charge. So go and make an iPhone user happy this Christmas! Price: EUR 45.

19. Apex Lawson Herschel Backpack


As I was searching the web for a backpack, I found this one by Herschel and the second I took a glimpse of it, I already knew that this was the one. The unique backpack is super comfy on the outside because of it’s knitting texture. If you zip the top open, you will find two compartments, one for a 15 inch laptop and one for a tablet. I kind of like the simplicity of this backpack because it keeps my items organised and just looks damn cool! If your child needs a backpack, this should be an option. Price: EUR 180.

20. Video Games, anyone?

Untitled design.png

So, we have arrived at the last suggestion on our list and since we already have three game consoles on the list this year, it would only be fair if I suggested some games to go with them! Here I have ‘The Breath of the Wild’ which is a open world game and was nominated for the best video game of 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Then I have ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ for the PS4 which is a open world in amazing 4K where you play as Aloy and fight against robotic dinosaurs! And finally, we have ‘Destiny 2’ also for the PS4, were you play online or on the campaign as a first person shooter. These games are not too violent either. Prices: About EUR 45.

That’s it, YetiTrends first ‘Top 20 Christmas tech gifts your child really wants’. In creating this list, we have tried to select tech gadgets that we really like and that we think offer good value across a wide price range; everything from EUR 29 for a lightbulb to 790 for a camera. Although our list is numbered from 1-20, we did not intend to create any ranking system; all gadgets are presented in random order so just go for the gadget that you really like. Nor do we get paid to point our readers in a particular direction – our reviews and recommendations are entirely our own and you are free to buy these gadgets wherever you find the cheapest price on Internet.

It would be fun to hear what you have to say about your choice of Christmas present (or which one you would like to add to your Christmas wish list), so we would appreciate if you could drop us a comment below!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us at YetiTrends!


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