Apple Watch Series 3

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 3 back in September, and the major update to the best selling SmartWatch is the LTE connectivity. And although this allows the smartphone to make calls and listen to music without having the iPhone around, does it drain lots of battery? Whats the difference between the GPS and the Cellular Apple Watch?

Now, before we begin, let’s get something straight. On September, Apple released two watches; the GPS and the GPS + Cellular. These are two different watches with different prices. The GPS costs $329 and the GPS + Cellular costs $399. So, with this now in mind, let’s begin!


So, let’s start with what’s been driving Apple fans crazy; the LTE connectivity on the cellular model. This basically gives the Apple Watch series 3 more independence by allowing the device to make phone calls and play music without the iPhone in your pocket. But don’t let these awesome features trick you into paying for the more expensive Apple Watch series 3 yet! The cellular connectivity only works in some countries and other countries will receive this feature in an unknown date (probably a long way into the future!). And even if you are in the right country, you will still need to pay between $5-$10 every month in addition to the carrier on your iPhone. Apple, not cool!


(For more information, visit Apple’s website)

So now that we have talked about the LTE connectivity, let’s talk about some other small changes; Design and Comfort. Now, at a quick glance, the only difference between the new Apple Watch seems to the the red dot on the crown. But actually, there is a bit more to it then that! Clicking the power button or the crown button feels firmer, the smartwatch is elegant and light but the most significant difference is easily the new display. The screen uses OLED technology which makes it clear, vivid and bright. This ensures that when you are out and about, you will always be able to see your watch at any angle or brightness!


The comfort hasn’t changed too much with the watch being light and as comfortable as the first Apple Watch, which is very comfy compared to other smartwatches like Fitbit. For me personally, I felt like the Fitbit watch was to plastic and cheap material and the band didn’t seem to fit my wrist well. Although, this may be different for other FitBit users!

“Hey Siri, play me something by Ed Sheeran” has always been a dream since Apple’s AI first came out; and it’s finally here for the Apple Watch! If you decide to take the Apple Watch with cellular capabilities, then a simple command to your wrist will allow you to play any song from whatever genre, playlist or just that specific song, with a library of other 40 million songs! Siri doesn’t work perfectly though, especially when running or walking, but when it does work it’s magical!






But with that in mind, how well does Apple’s watch perform with sound quality? Surprisingly well! And mind you, sound quality is important; whether your answering a call from your boss or browsing through your videos in photos. It’s obvious Apple has worked hard to obtain some noise from such a small device, but they did it right! When having a phone chat while running, both the person listening and I could here each other perfectly, both the sound quality and the microphone sensitivity were excellent.

Another excellent improvement would easily be their new wireless chip and processor, which is now significantly better! Apple says that the new S3 dual-core processor offers up to 70% more performance than the S2, which is noticeable when opening apps on the watch. However, I still feel that it is not fast enough because some apps tend to open quite slowly! But that doesn’t matter too much because it is mainly used for Siri, like allowing the function “hey Siri” which makes for a hands-free experience. And finally, watchOS 4 which is packed full of new features for the new processor to tackle!


Overall, the Apple Watch series 3 is a great device, making the best smartwatch in the market even better! But I feel like the LTE capabilities isn’t developed enough yet. There are glitches, apps haven’t updated to use the abilities and paying extra for the watch and $10-$5 per month, it’s just not worth the $399 model. I think that you would be better off buying the $329 model which still comes with a brighter screen, better battery life and excellent sound quality, and you still save $70 to maybe buy a battery pack for your smartwatch! So if you always carry your iPhone around, love sports and want to stay fit, but want a more easier way to listen to music or call your friends, then this is the device for you!

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 3

    1. If you have the Apple Watch series 2, it’s not worth upgrading because of only some small changes.
      However, if you have the first Apple Watch, I would say it is definitely worth the upgrade!
      Some of the main new features would be that it’s water proof, better battery life and faster processor from the first Apple Watch.
      And if you have decided to buy the Apple Watch series 3, then I would recommend the $329 model (like suggested in the conclusion).


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