Sonos One

Sonos has just revealed a new state of the art speaker on the same day as Google’s Hardware Event. At first glance, it looks and sounds identical to the Play:1 but on top are new microphones that listen for you, when you ask Alexa a question. Inside are six advanced microphones which allow you to use Amazon Alexa and one day Googles Assistant. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to listen to music via Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal by voice commands just yet (Alexas compatability issue with Spotify will soon be patched but support for Apple Music and/or Tidal may not be coming anytime soon.) But this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker at least from my perspective as the Sonos app still supports all music streaming services above along with many others.


How does the Sonos One compare to other smart-speakers on the market?

The Apple ‘HomePod’ is said to exceed all other competition when it first starts shipping later this month at a starting price of $349, whereas Google just announced 2 new smart-speakers the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. Furthermore, Amazon updated their Echo lineup with a new smart speaker with crisper sound. Selling at only $200 Sonos may be approaching a field full of opportunities; it’s a definite upgrade over the Echo’s when it comes to sound quality a category in which Apple and Google have both yet much to prove. Overall the new Sonos One combines superior sound quality with the best smart assistants around which makes for the best current smart speaker.

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