Everything announced at the Google hardware event

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1. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: You’re looking at the hottest smartphone of the year. Googles Pixel 2 offers the same impressive specs as the original Pixel with a few additional features and major design changes but what really sets this phone apart from its competitors is its camera. Much like the new iPhone 8 and X, the camera is built for an AR future scoring a 98 from DXO Mark, the best independent camera rating group; this is the highest rating for a smartphone camera ever.

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2. Google Home Mini: This donut-sized smart device offers all the same features as the original Google Home- set timers, convert units, check the weather and much more! It takes up less space than a candle and costs only $49.

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3. Google Home Max: The Google Home isn’t just getting smaller. Google also announced a huge tabletop speaker called ‘Max’ which automatically tunes according to its surroundings. It can produce sound with more than 20 times as much power as the original Google Home and of course, it’s got Googles beloved assistant built in ready to act as your own DJ. It’ll be available this December for $399.

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4. Google Clips: The new Pixel 2 will offer you with stunning photographs but only the ones you manage to take hence Google announced a cool new camera called Google Clips. This tiny device uses it’s smart AI to capture valuable moments like your toddler taking his/her first steps or your dog conducting a cool trick. It can capture stills, GIF’s and videos which can then be exported to your phone over wifi using a fun app to go with the camera.

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5. Pixel Buds: Google’s new earbuds aim to bring access to Googles Assistant wherever you are. You could think of the Buds as Googles answer to Apples AirPods. Tapping the side pauses your music, swiping forward and back adjusts the volume and long pressing activates Googles Assistant. The Pixel buds also have Google Translate built-in allowing you to translate languages in real time, thanks to Googles smart AI.

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6. Pixelbook: Much like Microsofts current laptops the Pixelbook can be used as a laptop; then flip it over and you’ve got a tablet. The screen can rotate an impressive 360 degrees and the computer itself weighs just 2 pounds ( 0,91 kg ). An upcoming update will add support for Google Play, so you can open apps just like the ones on your phone. The Pixelbook is also the first computer to have Googles Assistant built-in.

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7. Daydream View: When the Google Daydream first got released it was only compatible with a Pixel phone and could only be used to launch 25 apps. The new Daydream view offers an overall better experience for the customer, and the face mask has a comfy and more secure feel. You will also have access to more content coming to Daydream including a new YouTube original series adding to the 250 VR titles Google currently has to offer. You can pre-order it now, at starting price of $99.

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