Apple TV 4K

So we all know a new era of picture quality named 4K is just around the corner but should you upgrade now? By now you’ve probably heard about the new Apple TV 4K which sounds great and all but chances are you have no use for one. If you just bought a new TV it’s obvious you want to feed it the best video you can, in this case, 4K resolution, preferably with HDR and/or Dolby Vision. If so then the new Apple TV is without dought worth upgrading for but for the rest of us still enjoying 1080p (Full HD) upgrading your current Apple TV would only be a waste of money unless you’re planning to buy a new TV in the near future.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.19.13 AM

For those of us thinking of buying an Apple TV for the first time, the new 4K version is definitely the way to go even if you don’t yet own a TV capable of 4K that way you’ll be ready for tomorrow. On the outside, the new Apple TV still looks the same except for some minor enhancements in airflow at the bottom of the device but the new Siri remote includes a raised white circle which helps locate the crucial menu bar.


– 4K 32GB – $179
– 4K 64GB – $199
– 1080p 32GB – $149

Click here for more information about the Apple TV!

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