Top 5 fidget toys

In the recent three months of 2017, toys known as ‘Fidget Spinners’ have dominated amazon, toy stores and even the app store! But which one is the best? That is what we will be finding out today with our picks of the top 5 fidget spinners/cubes!

 Holisouse TRI-SPINNERHolisouse-2-Pack-Tri-Spinner-Hand-Fidget-Spinner-Toy-Stress-Reducer-EDC-Focus-Toy-For-ADD-ADHD-Anti-Anxiety-and-Boredom3-min-Spin-Time-0

The Holisouse Fidget Spinner is a cheap spinner that offers over 3 minutes of spin time and is made from ABS plastic making it very durable. The spinner also has 4 replaceable bearings, a lightweight one in the middle and 3 heavier ones on the sides.

Price: $5.98

 Magicfly Focus Cube


The original Fidget Cube is the creation of Kickstarter entrepreneurs Matthew and Mark McLachlan of Antsy Labs. Unfortunately, their manufacturing contract carries with it certain order delays that allowed Chinese replica manufacturers to beat them to the punch.

Price: $5.99

ToFly Bat Fidget Spinner


This Batman-inspired fidget spinner is definitely one for your utility belt. This plastic spinner comes at a low price, but it can still net up to two minutes of spin time from one flick.

Price: $5.99

Atesson Brass Tri-Spinner


Not only is the Atesson Brass Tri-Sinner one of the best looking spinners in it’s price range, but it also sports a high quality stainless steel bearing, which can continue a spin for up to seven minutes. Its excellent balance and smooth rotation make it incredibly easy to transfer from one finger to another, among other tricks.

Price: $2.95

Mosotech High Speed Fidget Spinner


Mosotech’s aluminum spinners have a futuristic look to them, and a nice balanced weight for some excellent spinning action. The four wing design moves quickly and silently on a ceramic bearing. It can spin for up to five minutes on a flat surface or in the hand.

Price: $9.99

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