Summary of WWDC 2017

WWDC17 has happened so we at YetiTrends bring you a small summary.

Watch OS 4
•Your Apple Watch will display personal information to you
•Notifications in activity are now more personalized to you
•The Apple Watch now supports multiple playlists

Mac OS sierra
•You can use tabs in a wide range of first and third party apps
•You can use Siri on your mac
•You can unlock your mac using your Apple Watch •iCloud syncs you documents and desktops across all your macs

iOS 11
•When your iPhone or iPad is viewed you’ll be able to interact with virtual items overlaid in your real world •Siri will suggest follow up questions •Siri can now translate languages


•$349 coming early 2018
•Can access 4 million songs
•Has Siri built in
•It will come in 2 colors: White and space grey

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