Beats Pill+

The Beats Pill+ is a simple but powerful Bluetooth speaker. But does it do all the things that it promises? How long does the battery last?

The battery is a great success! Like the Beats website suggests, the battery lasts for about 12 hours. Personally, I think this is perfect and I wouldn’t want it to be shorter or longer. Maybe for those who need a really long battery for a weeks hiking trip but I think it’s perfect for just a nice boat trip or a one nights sleep over or some other type of day trip with friends or family.

The speaker is surprisingly powerful and has pretty good audio quality, good enough to fill a whole room with ease. I also think it handles very well with all genres. The Beats Pill+ also has a protective wall around the actual speakers making it water resistant, meaning you can bring it out when it’s raining. However, to keep the

bass powerful, the Beats Pill+ is quite heavy.

A great thing with Beats is that Apple owns it which is why you can charge it with a lightning cable! But don’t worry android users, a lightning cable also comes in the box. And then also with the release of the iPhone 7 with no headphone jack, the Beats pill+ is

Bluetooth. Some people don’t like Bluetooth devices because they think that there is a lot of lag, however, not with the beats pill+. I think the Beats Pill+ has successfully wiped out as much lag as possible.

One cool thing, actually, is that the Beats Pill+ acts like a power bank too! If you plug your iPhone into the USB port, (the same charger that you charge the Pill+ with) it will start charging!

Overall, I think the Beats Pill+ is a perfect device perfect for fairly long trips or a simple sleepover. If you are an Apple user and like to travel on short journeys, this is the device for you.

I give this speaker a final rating of 8.4/10.

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