GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro has just launched their new camera which offers lot’s of cool new features and design changes that we here at YetiTrends have been dying to tell you all about!

The new camera shoots video at a stunning 4K video resolution and takes photos at 12 megapixels as you’d expect.

Then of course we have one touch control which simplifies the usage of the camera a lot! Just one tap to start and end recording. But then of course you can also control the device on your smart device using the GoPro App with the help of (Bluetooth or WI-FI).

As to the new features you can now tell your GoPro commands via voice control such as “Hey GoPro start recording!” and within seconds your GoPro has started recording without any problems!

Now back to the simplicity of the device you can scroll through all your videos and imagery and other important settings you need access to straight from the handy full touch screen at the back. In addition to this  GoPro has produced an auto image upload feature which allows all your images and videos to instantly upload your data safely into the cloud!

Now as for the price this all drops down at only 399 dollars! So for all the small but important new features this product has to offer this product should definitely be something you should consider over the course of time!

This ends my product review of the new GoPro Hero 5 black with a staggering 9/10!

One thought on “GoPro Hero 5 Black

  1. Hello Yetitrends, I currently have a GoPro Hero 4 Black, which I am pleased with. Should I pay the extra for the upgrade to the new model – or should I stick to mine and await the next model?

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