Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung just unveiled their new Galaxy S8 smartphone from behind the curtains but does it include all the safety standards we’ve been biting our thumbs about recently? And does it managed to keep all the features we’ve previously loved about Samsung’s lineup?

The Galaxy S8’s final look is absolutely stunning, this includes their new AMOLED display with a max resolution of 2960 x 1440 (Nearly 4K) and the stretched + curved display that we’ve all been dying to get our hands on, but that doesn’t mean the hardware came without any flaws! Because of this new stretched display instead of creating an on-screen fingerprint scanner (Which rumours suppose the iPhone 8 could possibly have) they simply moved it right next to the camera at the back. ‘But won’t your finger smudge the camera?’ That’s exactly what all the online negativity is about and from what it looks like Samsung won’t be making any last minute improvements on the issue either. But here’s the problem, as you may think the redesigned screen matches perfectly with your daily tasks and activities you have thought wrong; for example when this oddly sized screen is turned into a horizontal viewing angle when you’re streaming a video perhaps the frames you thought were gone reappear. Of course, Samsung thought of something but it really isn’t ideal, it just increases the size of the video cutting off pieces from the bottom and the top to a point were the face of a YouTuber can’t bee seen.
As you know might now be wondering what part of the Phone then managed to achieve all the hype and excitement, it links all back to the topic of security. With the improvement of the front faced camera to an exciting 8MP, Samsung came to the stage where they wanted to reimagine the way a smart-device is unlocked, in the end, what all this engineering and coding led up to was an IRIS scanner, in basic terms this means that with the help of the improved front facing camera the phone can now scan your eye and use this information to securely unlock or substitute for other digital purchases previously done by password! But that’s not all it’s still able to obtain all the other previously liked features such as Water Resistance, Fast Wireless Charging and Fitness Tracking! But as we set all this information apart there is still one thing which bothers many and that’s the notification received when you either want to experience the beautiful new display at it’s brightest or when you want to crank up the display to the resolution Samsung promised! And yes the message does sound somewhat scary as if it could possibly be the backdoor entrance for the whole battery scandal again. But of course, this is only a rumour!

So setting aside our worries that we hopefully get proven wrong the near masterpiece offers all its beauty at only a starting price of 799 Dollars! Literally burning the estimated price for the iPhone 8. This leaves us here at YetiTrends noting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is really a unique product that should be considered once it comes out to year near retailer! (This could finally mean that after all the years of dominance and recent laziness Apple has offered Samsung might just be able to push back to the top of the leaderboard!)

So for our final rating, we at YetiTrends give this unique product a staggering 8.9/10!



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