Phantom 4

The phantom 4 is said to be the best drone in the market, but is it? That’s what I’m going to find out today!

So the first thing we are going to talk about is its stability. The phantom 4 nails that! This drone can literally, LITERALLY, be flown by a 4 year-old! (Maybe with some assistancDJI-Phantom-3-Pro-Controller-1-630.jpge though!). Now let’s move on to the camera. The camera creates beautiful HD videos that you can film with a touch of a button. You can also take photos by sliding down, just like the camera on a iPhone! I also found a useful button on the left side of the controller that allows you to change the camera from facing up to facing down (or the opposite).

I found some cool features including a mode which allows you to drag a rectangle around a moving object (perhaps a family member cycling) and the drone will automatically follow the object. Cool huh! Another feature I found is the ability to film in slow mo. This is a great tool to use when maybe your friends are skateboarding. The HD slow mo is an amazing result!

The phantom 4 also comes with a nice bag. Inside it you get a charger for charging the dji-phantom-4-case.pngdrone and the controller. The drone lasts for about 25 mins until it forces you to land and charge. The controller only has to be charged once and you could use it roughly 8 times until you would need to charge it again. You also get a extra set of propellers, starter guides in lots of language and a plastic camera protecter. The phantom 4 costs roughly $1400 or £1100.

Overall the phantom 4’s obstacle avoidance is a small disappointment as it can only see forwards however it is definitely THE best in the market! If you like drones and stable, beautiful footage, this is the drone for you!

My final rating is 9.6/10


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