MacBook Pro

In the Apple event October 2016, Apple released a new MacBook Pro and people are wondering, what’s new? How long does the battery last for? Is it thinner?

The MacBook pro is thinner and lighter than the previous generation: the 13- and 15-inch model is 14.9mm and 15.5mm thick. It still has a similar design to the old MacBook pro, which is good to some but bad to others. One quick glance, and you will notice the ports on the side. The MacBook pro still keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack however, they have replaced all the others with USB-C ports; including the charging port which is replaced by the USB-C ports. The positive side to this is that you can charge your MacBook pro from all three ports, however it does take away the SD card and all the other useful ports that have been replaced now with dongles. A problem I had with the new charger is that there was no mac safe – if I would accidentally trip on the cable, it means I would have a one thousand dollar problem. Another sad loss is the shining Apple logo – yes, it’s not that important but it seemed to make a MacBook pro more special.

One item that took my attention quickly was the enormous trackpad, being twice as big as the trackpad on the old MacBook pro! At first appearance, it seemed some what futuristic and new. I love the new trackpad – there is so much more space to drag images into folders! Next we will talk about the new keyboard. The major difference between the old and new keyboard is that the newer one feels like your tapping on a flat surface and I never thought I would say this, but I actually like it. When I move back to my old MacBook pro, it feels like it’s a sponge in the sense that there is no bounce back feeling and it is faster to type. One problem I found however, was that the keys are not as much spaced out making it easy to accidentally press the wrong key.

The display, even though it has the same resolution, has had some huge improvements by the brightness of the screen. By being 67% brighter than the old MacBook pro, the new MacBook has more vibrant colours with it’s p3 gamut display. Now what about the performance? Well, I have to say, I’m disappointed. I expected at least a 10% to 20% increase in speed but no, it is exactly the same as the old MacBook pro. In fact, the new MacBook pro is actually slower  than the new MacBook pro when exporting videos. Not only that, the older one even got a lower geek bench score. What!? And to make matters worse, lets talk about the battery life. I found when using the new MacBook pro, that it would only give me half the amount of battery life than using the old MacBook pro, the old one would give me maybe, 7 to 8 hours of battery life? But no, the new MacBook is not as efficient.

Maybe the most important part of the new MacBook Pro, the touch bar. And yes it’s cool, when friends come around I always show them it first. But is it necessary? Do I use it? The truth is, no. I mean, it’s handy having a few shortcuts on Final Cut Pro but other than that, it would be easier doing a command shortcut than reaching all the way to the touch bar. However, something that is really useful, is the finger print scanner. It is a very time saving feature. For an example you need to pay for something on Amazon, just hold down your finger and the payment is done, it’s so easy! The fingerprint scanner can also open up your computer from the lock screen.

Overall, the MacBook Pro is a powerful, thin and light laptop with a brighter screen and more vibrant colours. We would suggest taking the MacBook pro without the new touch bar because it is £300 cheaper. It also has the brilliant second-gen butterfly keyboard. And hey, who needs the touch bar when you can log into your mac with the Touch ID on your iPhone?

I rate this product 8/10.



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