Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch series 2 came out and everyone wants to know, what are the new features? Is it better than the old apple watch? Should I buy it?

So first let’s start with all the new features that have been added. The screen of the apple watch is now a lot brighter resulting in better experiences when its a sunny day and you look at your watch. Don’t worry though! The brightness adjusts to the environment around you. The apple watch series 2 is also the most powerful wristband out in the market. Apple have also teamed up with Nike in making the Apple Watch Nike+ which you can see at the top of the blog. They added a Nike-themed band and interface.

Finally, Apple have added the most important features that may just convince you into buying it! Firstly, they actually got a built in GPS and so you don’t need your phone when it comes to directions. And secondly, the Apple Watch is now swim-proof. So for all you swimming lovers, this is the wristband for you!

What if you are a new customer however and this is the first Apple Watch you have brought? How does it work? Is it worth it? Why should I buy it?

The Apple Watch is a smart watch that you use together with your iPhone. It is mostly used for notifications, taking calls, messaging, maps and fitness. The Apple Watch can also track your heart rate and breathing. It is used mostly by fitness people and people who go to work daily. Keep in mind, the battery lasts only for  1 day until you have to charge it!

Overall I think think this product is easily the best in the wristband industry and is good for family members. If you find fitness important, or you simply just go to work but need more notifications to help you keep track, this is the device for you!

My final rating is 8.6/10




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